Getting Started

Welcome to the Oasis programming language! Oasis is a prototype-based, scripting language inspired by Lua, Python, and Self. The main Oasis interpreter, oasiskt, is written in Kotlin.

To use Oasis, you must have Java (>= 11) installed.

To Install

TODO: Windows installer, MacOS installer, Linux packages

To Build

Clone the repository:

git clone

Enter the Oasis directory and build:

cd oasis/
./gradlew build

After a little while, you should have a built Jarfile in build/libs. To run the Jarfile:

java -jar oasiskt.jar

You should be prompted with an oasis -> prompt. Try running something:

oasis -> 1 + 1
oasis -> io:print("Hello, world!")
Hello, world!
oasis ->

To use various Oasis tooling, such as the language server, you must define the OASIS_HOME environment variable. This is a path to the Oasis jarfile.